2023 EuroLeague Final Four will take place in one of the most passionate basketball markets in the world, Kaunas. Zalgiris Arena will host the four best teams of the continent, who will play in the

Delta tours is the company always paying special attention to sustainability, this time we would like your guests to experience our region through the local crafts by using one of the five human senses – touching. Jurate

The most recent and exciting event: Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 program and events’ calendar are already announced! The grand opening of Kaunas 2022 is scheduled for January 22, 2022. Around 40 festivals, over 60 exhibitions, more

Tallinn Christmas Market

Strings of lights twinkle, special foods are prepared, and communities come together on town squares to rejoice: Christmas markets are the heart of Estonian winter holidays. Games, performances, delicious flavors and cheer await the whole

If you wish to get warm in between strolls through the colorful and chilled Riga, we suggest you to choose from a wide range of museums and galleries in the Latvian capital.

A rail trip is an adventure from different perspectives in the Baltic States, ideal not only for rail enthusiasts, but also for environmentally responsible people. It offers authentic meetings with the locals on train, unforgettable

Lithuania’s Independence day

16th of February, exactly 103 years ago, the Act of Independence was signed, laying the foundation for modern Lithuania. The Lithuanian three-color of yellow, green, and red appears on every building all over the country

DELTA TOURS, a leading tour operator in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia continues to introduce you to the important news in the Baltics. With this newsletter we would like to let you know the wonderful message – recently new hotels

The Baltics covered in snow

Baltic countries are great for winter holidays, especially for the beautiful winter scenery. Few moments captured of this winter fairytale in Tallinn.

Just a kind reminder that as soon as travel is possible Europe will be ready to offer a safe and unforgettable experience! Stay home now and plan for tomorrow!

One collection of three countries that come together to make your winter holiday experience a totally unique one. Baltics are great for winter holidays, especially for the beautiful winter scenery. Here are some of the

Visit Tallinn

There are many local markets in the Baltics which now has been colored with all the juicy autumn goods. One of those is Balti Jaama Turg in Tallinn!

The Sun is writing about a British couple which were suppose to travel the world but due to lockdown stuck in Estonia, crossing Latvia and Lithuania as well. “But there’s nowhere we would rather have

We are happy and proud to announce that Tripadvisor awarded MO Museum as “Travelers’ Choice Award 2020”. “MO Museum is much more than a simple visit to the galleries – it’s a complete cultural experience

Pakruojis Manor house blooms with millions of flowers, taking to magical world based on Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Despite breathtaking flower festival manor offers accommodation, theatrical performances, few restaurants with authentic regional dishes, local

Moxy Kaunas Center hotel

Stylish, fresh, friendly and very open brand new hotel – Moxy Kaunas Center is welcoming clients. Delta tours team was lucky to visit it today and will be happy to accommodate you there!