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A rail trip is an adventure from different perspectives in the Baltic States, ideal not only for rail enthusiasts, but also for environmentally responsible people. It offers authentic meetings with the locals on train, unforgettable views and incredible experiences of new places. The comfort and speed of a railroad trip means that you will have more time to explore the visited destinations. Major rail routes are renewed as the Baltic countries are currently working with the European Union on the Rail Baltica project.

What is Rail Baltica?

Rail Baltica a landmark rail infrastructure project of European standard. This railway line is expected to connect Warsaw, Kaunas, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn by 2026. It will bring three Baltic States, Finland, and Poland closer to each other and closer to Europe allowing the Baltic States to finally become fully integrated with other European countries. Inspired by the „Baltic Way“, this project will connect nations, people and places in the Baltics.

Estimated Rail Baltica train services

  • Rail Baltica will provide a rail connection between the Baltic capitals every two hours with exceptionally fast travel times and a speed of 234 km/h.
  • Rail Baltica high-speed trains from Tallinn to Warsaw and from Tallinn to Vilnius are estimated to run four times per day.
  • Up to ten trains per day will run on Vilnius-Kaunas-Warsaw route.
  • 2 night-trains are planned on the route Tallinn-Riga-Kaunas-Warsaw-Berlin and Vilnius-Kaunas-Warsaw-Berlin.

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