DELTA TOURS is a Destination Management Company, founded 1991, operating in the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – and in the neighboring countries: Finland, Sweden, Poland, etc.

We are specialized in full spectrum of tours – from the biggest global series involving multi-destinations to one-off leisure groups, special interest tours, incentives and luxury travel business. We are all about creativity, talent and competence – the single most important elements that identify excellence from mediocrity. During the years of hard work with attention to every detail, our creative and flexible stuff gained our clients’ confidence.

Our main goal is to adapt changing travelers needs and to exceed them by fulfilling all five human senses – not only to see the country, but as a local to taste, to hear, to smell and to touch it.

Awarded as most sustainable tour operator in Lithuania DELTA TOURS is justifying the name by strongly following the concept, which is:

  • offering accommodation in ecologically friendly hotels, boutique family run hotels, eco-friendly farms, restored manor houses and windmills, glamping spots.
  • suggesting walking, hiking, cycling, canoeing and using green vehicles like eco coaches, trains, fishermen’s boats, hot air ballooning etc.
  • arranging active programs in the nature, visiting the national parks, UNESCO heritage objects, as well as acquaintance with old crafts, meetings with the locals, tasting traditional dishes prepared according to old recipes, participating in local traditional Baltic countries festivals.

The Song and Dance Celebration  is a tradition recognized by UNESCO.

A week-long festivity  takes several years to prepare for. The voices of twelve thousand singers merge into perfect unison, eight thousand dancers form a single circle and more than thirty thousand performers collaborate to give spectacular concerts.

The 2024 Lithuanian Song Celebration promises to be bigger and greater than ever before!

More about Lithuanian Song Celebration 2024: https://www.dainusvente.lt/en/