Sustainable tourism

As an excellent examples of sustainable tourism we offer:


Villa Šturmų Švyturys in Lithuania

Adapted to modern needs, family owned villa “Šturmų Švyturys” has just 10 rooms of stylish design and concept. A small and cosy hotel stands out for its maritime interiors with elements from old fishermen life. Marvellous views and romantic sunsets of the Curonian Spit lagoon leaves one with unforgettable memories. And the taste of fish provided by local fishermen straight from the lagoon nearby will surprise you with freshness.

Marcienas Manor House in Latvia

This ancient manor has been already mentioned in 1213 historical chronicals. It is surrounded by the forests of rural Eastern Latvia and turned into a modern and comfortable Spa Resort with Latvian traditional sauna house. The hotel restaurant offers the “old world,” Latvian and Baltic German dishes in a modern way.  Fruits, vegetables, meat and fish come from the estate’s gardens and from local farmers. 

Nautse Mihkli Guest House In Estonia

The authentically restored Mihkli Farm complex is located on one of the islands of Estonia – Muhu Island. The old farmer‘s homestead is a great place to stay for those who love genuine rural living and cuisine. In the kitchen one will find the matron and the head chef of the Nautse Mihkli farm Ingrem Raidjõe. A great holiday experience would be preparing a delicious dinner in a cooking class taught by chef Ingrem.

Nature and Wildlife

Nagliai Cognitive Path on Curonian Spit in Lithuania

The UNESCO heritage site Curonian Spit is a narrow peninsula surrounded by the Baltic sea in the west and the Curonian lagoon in the east. It is mostly famous for its golden dunes.  While hiking in Nagliai path one can see the the Dead Dunes, sites of the four sand-bound Curonian Spit villages as well as unique areas of willow overgrowth habitats in the dunes and soils of the ancient forest buried by sand.

Kemeri National Park in Latvia

While cycling in Kemeri National Park the visitors will be taken to the world of moss, small pine trees, deep pools, tiny dark lakes and the smell of wild rosemary. The visitor will notice the carnivorous plant of sundew and a variety of birds – wood sandpipers, white wagtails, tree pipits, and also hear cranes further away. One will be rewarded with the opportunity to climb an observation platform that offers a magnificent view of the bog and park from above. The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk is especially admired place by photographers to shoot the best scenes of sunrises and sunsets in Latvia, regardless of the season or weather.

Soomaa National Park in Estonia

Canoeing is one of the best ways to explore the wilderness of Soomaa National Park in South of Estonia. It boasts with giant bogs surrounded by deep forests and sleepy villages, both wide and narrow rivers, diverse flooded-meadows and flower-filled wooded meadows, where one can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. Visitors will be definitely surprised by Soomaa great flood or the so-called fifth season, when the water from melted snow or heavy rains floods all the roads and leaves canoes as the only viable vehicle.


Fish Road culinary cruise in Lithuania

This exceptional and rich entertainment gives the traveler moving experiences just in one day. It is a boat trip on the waterways in the Curonian lagoon. Visiting this region without tasking fresh, smoked or salted fish is practically a sin. So the visitors degustate German-Prussian-Lithuanian culinary heritage of smoked fish and fish soup, listen to an introduction about this region by the locals, learn more about fishermen and shipbuildes way of life, admire the water lily plantations and the stunning views of the Curonian Lagoon.

Food tasting tour in Riga Central Market in Latvia

Riga, the capital of Latvia, hosts Europe’s largest market which is included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The coolness of this place does not just stop here: the market halls are actually old German Zeppelin hangars! We invite you to have a walk around the different stalls, have a small chat with the marketers, local farmers and try the delicacies on display. It is definitely a sight to see, to taste and to enjoy.

Forest Restaurant in Estonia

It is unforgettable outdoor catering experience. Metsarestoran – the art of preparing and serving food outdoors. The interior design changes every season and food prepared over open fire leaves an unforgettable experience. No plastic plates, plastic tents or garden chairs. Only campfire, wooden plates, wooden dinnerware, outdoor fry pans and a sooty coffee pot.