Lithuania: traditional country with the new tendencies

While history was almost parallel in other Baltic countries, Lithuania – a state with a thousand-year history – went its own way.

Latvia: the different faces of the center

Located between Estonia and Lithuania this country has connections to the North as well as to the South – complexity is the right keyword.

Estonia: old cities, beautiful islands, vast forests

The proximity to Finland is noticeable in many ways, but the culture, history and scenic diversity of the historic borderland between East and West is the basis for independence.

Baltic States in Transition: Past and Present

The trip represents the long journey of the Baltic countries from the Medieval times to integration into the European Union, with a visit to a parliament, discussion in a university, encounters on the topic of the Jewish past, etc.

Study Tour for Lawyers

Top-class encounters with Lithuanian lawyers: participation in a court session, discussion with employees of the Constitutional Court, lecture at the Ministry of Justice, visit to the law faculty of Vilnius University or the law academy etc.