Agricultural Travel

From smallholder to agro-industry: agricultural study tour through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia with a visit to different farms, and a lecture at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Religion Tours

Though being the last ones to be christianized the Baltics has deep roots to religion. Travel for church communities with accommodation in former monasteries, encounters with local communities, English / German-language church services and lectures on the role of the church in the Baltic States.

Expert Trip for Forestry

Study trip in the Baltic States for forest workers: visit to a forestry department and the forestry faculty of an agricultural university, visit to a veneer factory and a wood storage area, lectures on wood trade and export, visit to a forest museum etc.

Baltic Trip for Railway Enthusiasts

The longest narrow-gauge railway line in north-east Lithuania still functioning in Europe today lures you into the nostalgic era. The Alūksne-Gulbene narrow-gauge railway in Latvia and the railway museums in Estonia are no less interesting.

Ornithologist Trip

The nature reserves of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are a paradise for bird life. There are 400 species including many storks. Technical visit with an employee of the ornithological association.

Garden Trip in the Baltic States

The visitor in the Baltic States might get surprised by the variety of landscapes. Well-tended parks, gardens and green spaces create an invigorating backdrop for the old town centers of Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Other specialist Trips

Classic trips to the Baltic states with specialist program modules for road construction engineers, pharmacists, opticians, medical nurses, electrotechnical association, metal association, etc.