Choir and Orchestra Tours

Foreign music groups and choirs can take part in music festivals in the Baltic States. Mediation of contacts with local choirs and concerts in various unusual places (churches, monasteries, parks, etc.).

Organ Tours

The classical Baltic program is enriched by organ concerts in the most famous churches of the countries: Tallinn Cathedral, St. Nikolai Church, Riga Cathedral, Trinity Church in Liepaja, the Church of Nida, St. John’s Church in Vilnius.

Th. Mann Festival in Nida

Every year in July international Thomas Mann Festival attracts a large number of writers and literary scholars, musicians, visual and performing artists to the unique landscape of the Curonian Spit.

Opera Festival in Riga

Acquaintance with the capital of Latvia and with the country itself through Latvian history and architecture, nature and gastronomy, literature and music in connection with the high standard opera festival that always takes place in the Latvian National Opera in June.