Art Tour

Thanks to our geographical location the art of the Baltic States was strongly influenced by foreign cultures. Regardless this fact own identity has remained and can be explored in local museums, art galleries, castles and manors.

Castles, Palaces, and Manor Houses of the Baltic States

Picturesque castles, magnificent palaces and manor houses in the middle of a wild and romantic landscape invite you to take a high-quality journey through time.

Literature Tour

Literary tours of discovery through the Baltic countries: city tours, supplemented by literary accents, readings and discussions, meetings with members of the writer’s associations – authors and translators.

On the Footprints of the Baron Münchhausen

The trip is dedicated to the famous Baron of Lies, as part of the international “Münchhausen Route”. A visit to the Münchhausen Museum in the former manor house of Dunte in Latvia and an overnight stay in the Münchhausen Hotel are also part of the program.